Special lady...

My Gran would have been 100 today!
She was such a special, lovely. gorgeous lady and it's been wonderful looking through the old photo's, I could have posted hundreds.
 I have some of the best childhood memories of my gran,  tiddly winks, toasting 'doorstops' on the fire, Caddy's ice cream van stopping outside her house, always having a hankie up her sleeve, always wore dresses never wore trousers or jeans and always smiling, happy to see you and quick to put the kettle on:) 
cheers gran:)
love you and miss you xxxxxxx


  1. Your gran was beautiful and she sounds a lot like mine. Happy birthday to your gran. Hugs

  2. Grans were great, probably still are...I have photos like that, always dressed up for a photo. I can remember all the cotton pinnies, and always cooking something nice...big coal fire and rag rugs. Lovely memories, thanks for reminding us. :)

  3. Wonderful pictures!! Happy Birthday to your beautiful gran...

  4. Ahh, lovely - makes me look forward to being a granny!


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