Fund raising up date...

I've so much I want to tell you!
( I can't possibly fit into one post so will show picks over the next few days!)

So much for life slowing down! I'm in 5th gear in the fast lane with my foot down, the wind in my hair and singing my anthem at the top of my voice! Skindo le le by Alive! fab!

I had a fab fund raising afternoon last Friday, 'Ladies do Lunch at Lisa's'
We had a lot of 'laffs' and raised a wonderful £446!
woooooo! fan-bloooming-tastic!

The very brilliant Lind and Chrissy doing the tombola, thanks so much xx

and Steph and Ana at the nail bar,
Thanks guys, I'm so lucky to have such amazing supportive friends I couldn't have done it without you xxx

and my wonderful friend Lorraine is going to join me up those volcanoes in Italy in September!
Brilliant! and so pleased, just perfect:)

It's a year today I was diagnosed with breast cancer,
 I can't quite truly believe a year has passed, I'll never forget the fog and numbness of being told and the fear of the unknown and future, 
but so many positive things have come from this that in a weird kind of way it's good that it happened as I feel a stronger better person for it, and extremely lucky that a year on I'm still here enjoying what life has to offer me and making the most of every minute:)
Thanks so much for your kind words and support over the past year xxx


  1. lovely post so glad evrything is going well.

  2. I think it's so important to take the positives out of a bad situation. You are a true inspiration and I will be walking with you up those volcanoes in spirit.

  3. Gosh that's amazing, you look so well too, can't believe it's a year, looks like you ladies had a lot of fun:) You have been an inspiration forging ahead as you do!

  4. Well to say you haven't had much experience fund raising chuck your doing an AMAZING job!
    Just looked at your total on Just Giving YEH! fanbloodytastic!
    I can't believe it's been a year! You inspire me x
    Jax xxx

  5. What an inspiration you are ! And you are looking really fab. Well done on all.

    Ellie x


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