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Is it me, or is this year on fast forward?
I don't know where the time is going, I need 36 hour days, 10 day weeks and 4 day weekends!
I'm loving all the business and loving life!

And today, whilst driving back from the framers after completing a long 'to do' list I had a flash back to when I was going through chemo and how everything was in uncertain slow motion and I suddenly really felt incredibly lucky and proud I'd got through it all! and a wave of calm in a Bob Marley 'baby don't worry 'bout a ting, cos every little ting gonna be alright' stylie came over me!
It gave me goose pimps and a glassy eye! what's that all about!
It's my age, or my medication!
I believe when you've over come some kind of hardship or upset or had to face a fear in life and come out of it all smiling you seem to view life in a pair of rose tinted specs, a new perspective, your glass is half full, and stuff that would have frustrated you in the past doesn't seem important anymore,
just go with the flow!

I'm working on 3 fabric pieces for Holmfirth Artweek,
I was going to enter the fab Umbrella prints competition, but lovely crazy business hasn't allowed me!
Check out all the entries on Pinterest,
such fab gorgeous work!

time has just passed me by,
What's that saying... something like, 'Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans' 
But, I'm going with the flow, 
and using the gorgeous trimmings pack for the pieces I'm doing for Artweek. 
I love the fabric with lovely hand written words on, so lovely. I thought it would be nice as the girls hair, as though the words were her thoughts running through her head!

I also screen printed this little card this week,
inspired by this fabness!
( don't ask me how I came across this as I've no idea how my train of thought and Internet research surfing got me to this! a happy accident!

This is just so funny and lovely, 
I think these guys have those lovely rose tint's on too! in a wonderful 1950's Doris Day stylie! 


  1. Your zest for life is contagious and inspiring! Yay for you!

  2. Wouldn't it be great to be able to have another 1,000 hours in the day! Glad you are busy and loving it... Life is so precious :)

  3. I got my screen print delivered yesterday and it was such a joy to open the parcel. It's so beautiful! I will be framing it today. Many many thanks xx

  4. Lovely blog for a busy Thursday morning, you said it all and more.

  5. Love your fabric art. It's only one of the many things you do that first attracted me to your site and then I found so much more here so I keep coming back. Life seems to be moving too fast for me lately so I feel what you're feeling that there should be more hours in a day and days in a week. Enjoy the rest of your week. Hugs

  6. You are a real inspiration!

    I agree with your thoughts too.
    All the trivial shenanigans that used to wind me up, don't any more.
    I just shrug and say a big fat 'PAH! it doesn't matter'

    Keep smiling lady and everyone will join in.

  7. Oh! So gorgeous Lisa (your pictures and words). My eye is so attuned I can spot our fabric down to practically a 1cm piece right down to those pretty cheeks! Carly and I were looking out for your entry but figured life got in the way which also made us happy xxx!


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