Hola! a weekend of fun...

New screen print...
(Sky in the Sea)

a Sonny sugar skull...
(I can feel another screen print coming on!)

a Skyla sugar Skull...

a Lily sugar skull

the 3 amigo's including a dodgey Frida Kahlo for...

my lovely friend Rachel's fab Mexican 40th party!
( Rachel is very gorgeous, but I did take her to one side for an honest chat about the wonders of waxing:))
Margarita's, taco's, chilli's and sugar skulls and lovely friends,
Fab time was had by all! Thanks for an ace party x

... and the final piece for Holmfirth art week starting next Sunday!
phew, another busy one! 
not to mention skyla and friends street dancing in Huddersfield for the olympic torch! 
Hope you had a fabulous weekend too:)


  1. So sweet!!! Amazing illustration!!!

  2. Hi Lisa, I LOVE your new screenprint! xxx

  3. Wow Lisa, the water on that new print is SPECTACULAR! I thought it was a photo to begin with but the illusion is even better. Also, Mexican is possibly the best theme for a party I have ever heard of, I really want to paint my face like that. xx


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