'aint no mountain high enough...

(A few of the gang at Bexley wing at Jimmy's before we set off)

We've had a fab adventure! 
seen some amazing things and been lucky enough to meet some incredibly lovely inspirational people,
go put the kettle on, make yourself comfy as I show you a few snaps and hope it gives you a feel of the trek......



The top of vesuvius looking down the crator

me and Lorraine at the top of Vesuvius
(think I win the knobbly knees contest)

sun rise on Stromoli

At the top of Stromboli in the dark being showered with ash

lava action on Stromboli

we ate fresh figs that grew on the volcano, they were gorgeous!
The soil is very fertile because of all the minerals from the volcanic rock



a lava bomb from Etna's 2002 eruption

lava flow from Etna's 2002 eruption

burnt trees

back home at 3am to a gorgeous welcome!
pinch me, did it really happen?

I feel so lucky and privileged to have been a part of this trek,
to say what I was doing last year, what a contrast!
and a fab one,
life's good,
one life live it was the moto of some fellow trekkers,
too right!
sign me up for the next challenge!


  1. Well done mrs! Looks fantastic :-) xx

  2. Loved amazing!! Fab pics and fab memories. Well done Lisa :0)) xx

  3. Wow - looks hard work, great fun and well worth doing. Well done you and thanks for sharing your snaps. x

  4. HUGE well done to you Lisa! What an achievement! Very inspiring trip & journey you have shared with us all. fantastic xx

  5. Wow, fantastically well done, that looks like no easy task, especially the Etna one, and the Lava explosion on Stromboli, amazing. Gosh what an achievement, something you may never have attempted ordinarily, but look what an EXTRAordinary person this has made you, not that you weren't before, but you know what I mean!! :)

  6. Well Done Lisa, really proud of you! What an achievement!!! Love Kimberley and Family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Brilliant, Brilliant, one life live it! Love Susie

  8. that looks totally amazing! What an experience, and well done, loved your photos...
    big hugs to you lass x

  9. Well done Lise - can't wait to hear more about it Nicki xxx

  10. Well down, looks fantastic...go girl.

  11. Wow Lisa fantastic! Congratulations on your trek, i never realised it would be up into the snow, you must have felt on top of the world!! Well done xx

  12. Wow, it all looks fabulous! And such an achievement, well done! x

  13. F A B U L O U S!
    What an amazing achievement.
    Brilliant photographs and some amazing memories.

  14. wow looks like your on the moon on Stromboli! What an amazing journey GO LISA! Proud of you chuck! xxxx

  15. How fantastic!! Thanks for sharing your photo's. Simply an amazing achievement all round - Well done Lisa!!!


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