This is it!

I'm all packed,
a little giddy and a little bit nervous too,
but I'll be fuelled with pride at how lucky I am to be here to do this challenge and to have amazing friends and family that have not just generously donated to but encouraged and supported me so fantastically....

This monies will help Yorkshire Cancer Centre continue there fantastic work supporting cancer patients and there families and research.

Thank you thank you thank you,
I wish you were all coming with me to share the experience:)
OK off to tackle 3 lively Italian volcanoes,
wish me luck!x


  1. Woo hoo.. how exciting! Hope you have the bestest time ever :)

  2. Yey! Good luck Lisa!!! Enjoy every second. What a Star you are! Ellie & Lisa x

  3. YEH! Well done on an outstanding amount raised! We all be with you in spirit and don't forget to take some pics!!
    Good luck and have an amazing experience xxxx

  4. Amazing, have a brilliant time and well done for raising so much money and being such a determined and fabulous person. Rachel x x

  5. good luck mrs!!! And well done, you are a star xx

  6. Good luck Lisa, VERY well done. Hope you have an amazing time and I look forward to hearing about it here on your blog, you have done so well this last year!


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