Simple pleasures...

This screen print I did last Thursday seems very appropriate for the wonderful September Autumnal 'back to school' weather we seem to be having today, 
wish I could have packed a bit of that blue sky Mediterranean weather from Sicily in my suitcase...... just a distant memory now!
No such thing as bad weather just wrong clothes, 
we should look at life through the eyes of a child.
This is Sonny, and is called simple pleasures ..... some of which includes picking his nose and shooting the cat, Cassius, with his Nerf gun, but I didn't think they would make as good a screen prints as jumping in puddles!!


  1. Such a happy picture. I still love jumping in puddles, alas I have no yellow wellingtons, just brown with pink flowers!

  2. A wonderful print Lisa. Just the right antidote to the miserable weather.

  3. I absolutely love the splash in that puddle! I love your work!!

  4. soooo adorable!!!! :)
    i love your art work :)))))) amazing!!!


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