grow flowers...

I stitched a little quote that I like to hang in the kitchen this week, on some lovely lined linen I bought from Etsy. I love to have quotes, affirmations and wee reminders around the house, it's good for the soul!

Happy 89th birthday Gran!
Keep smiling and laughing gorgeous lady!xxx
I'm off now to visit, took the day off work and stayed up late to bake a ginger cake with whiskey icing and homemade leek and potatoe soup, going to call for some crusty bread to dip on my way!
Doesn't get better than that!


  1. What a lovely life affirming post. Hope you and your Gran are having a lovely day together!! xxx

  2. That is lovely - maybe kitchens everywhere will start sprouting this quote...

  3. Such a lovely photo and moment- bet the cake was delicious too if it was anywhere near as delicious as your artworks! x

  4. I could do with that quote on my kitchen wall!
    Hope you had a great day with your Gran.


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