just a bit proud...

Well it's been a super busy half term,
the kids are all back to school today and I've been wandering around a very quite and peaceful house picking up the debris.... bits of broken light Sabre, a swim cap, half eaten apple, Ninja Lego etc... 
then I saw my certificate from our Italy Trek reunion and felt very proud,
How buddy fantastic is that! Just brilliant!

When I went to Italy I wanted to share the amazing experience with everyone, especially Chris, I think it's even harder for the loved ones of someone going through cancer treatment as they feel helpless and full of worry and Chris was so super fantastic at supporting me when after I'd finished my treatment I said, " right then I'm off to climb three volcanoes! ".. and why not!

For Christmas I enrolled Chris on Trek Nepal for Yorkshire Cancer Centre, so he could go on his own fundraising adventure! 

Our friend Steve is going to join him, and maybe another friend too and they've thrown themselves into fund raising so amazingly, I'm so super proud!

I plan to do another screen print to help them raise money, based on Nepal, and have started collecting reference here

These are my fave for inspiration so far...

Nepal text
Nepal stamp
I just love the fact that something that started so devastatingly rubbish just get more and more positive and fab.

Why don't you sign up for an adventure!?


  1. Bloomin' heck! That is a huge amount of money to raise! Well done, you :)

    The bunting-style photo is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with all your inspiration.


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