still feeling good.....


I'm feeling good..... I've completed my first year in remission today, GET IN!
We Kicked some cancer butt Ninjargo Kung Fu Panda Stylie as Sonny would say!
Just 4 more years to go for the all clear and then I can have my 45 and still alive party!
Hope you're feeling good this fabulous Friday, order a curry, put a lovely bottle of something in the fridge, buy a giant bag of Maltesers and tell your loved ones you love em!
life is good!....


  1. Excellent news Lisa!!!!
    Long may it continue to be like that :0) xxx

  2. Gorgeous song and such happy and uplifting news Lisa! Have a great weekend - enjoy your curry! xx

  3. Congratulations and enjoy. x

  4. Congrats! And a great reminder to enjoy each day to the fullest!

  5. Great news Lisa.
    Keep kicking good and hard!

  6. Brilliant, happy day to you, well done, so positive as always, I know there will have been bad days, but bbbbllllaaaagghhh to them, they've gone for good!!! Celebrate. :)

  7. Hooorrrrraaay for year 1!!! well done you :) ACE!

  8. Well done!! It's wonderful that you are in such good spirits! We can all take inspiration from your triumph!

  9. I'm chuffed to bits for you Lisa :-D xxxxx


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