tea time...

Hola, bonjour, eh up.

I developed the 'storm in a tea cup' collage into a screen print onto recycled board,

and couldn't decide 'weather' to put some blue rain drops on it or not?

I split the prints and printed half with and half without,
which do you prefer? I'd love to know:)
adios, aurevoir, tar raa.


  1. I love this, and the paper you've used. I prefer the first version because I like seeing the leaves and flower :-)

  2. oh very lovely, like it with the rain drops myself. x

  3. My vote would go for without. Very nice print :)

  4. Ey up thee.....Lovely! It looks grand both ways, but it looks stormier with the blue raindrops I think, calmer with just white. I think I would go for the blue added :)

  5. I think without - though both look great :)

  6. definitely stormier with the blue missus...

  7. Too cute, I'd have both but I do have a liking for rain drops, they are in short supply in my neck of the woods!!!


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