Mehndi birds...

Skyla got the paints out last week to do some homework, 
so I sat down and joined her!
I'd bought a canvas board from Paperchase and had the idea of painting some hands and birds on it.
I find hands sooooo hard to draw and always avoid it,
So, I decided to tackle my fear head on! and paint some decorated with mehndi,
we love our mehndi!
I'm going to keep practicing and experimenting and have bought some wood blocks to paint on next!

So, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush... I think... 
what does that mean!!?


  1. clever you those hands are ACE! and who knows what the birds, hand ,1, 2 bushes means?? not I..flummoxed face going on here like...

  2. Lovely painting Lisa, hands are also my bete noire.

    Weirdly, one of the panels I just designed (but then put on the back burner for another time) involved a bird in a hand. And the background was leafy and twiddly like the mehndi on your hands there. And even the beak of the bird turned out quite similar. Funny how things work out like that sometimes. I'm rather pleased I didn't use it now, it would have looked like a total rip-off :D


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