Daffies and Mintoes

'Mintoes and Daffies'
is the new screenprint in the vintage range of prints.

I've been itching to create a print of my wonderful vintage Nuttall's Mintoes tin. 
I love the graphics, scrolls, the proudness of 'made in Doncaster' and the sheer size of this tin, it's large! It was clearly made for someone who really loved their Mintoes! ... or had dodgy breath!

Here is some of the black artwork for the colour separations for this 10 colour screenprint.

And this is five colours down on the drying rack at the fabulous West Yorkshire Print Shop...

Trying to work out the trumpet colour caused me hours of colour mixing, deliberation and testing. 

I really wanted the Daffies to stay all yellow tones, but they didn't stand out enough, especially when the 'dirty' red was printed onto the tin.

So I decided to go brighter, more cheerful and to stop worrying about tones and bring the Daffies to life with an orange trumpet!

Orange trumpet deliberation evidence!

Here's the finished screenprint.

I want my screen prints to look hand drawn, to pick up the texture of the paint brush, chinagraph and graphite, I want them to look sketchy, loose and have a little energy about them even though the subject matter is static and I think I'm getting there slowly, loosening up a little more with each print.

This new print is available in my 'Lil Sonny Sky' Etsy shop here.

I dearly hope it adds a little spring cheer to the viewer in these challenging times, or inspires you to pick up a paint brush and paint your own Daffies and deliberate your own trumpet x A sentence I never thought I'd type! 

Stay safe, well and healthy and look out for each other xx


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