I wanted to do some experimenting with paper, pattern and colour for some bigger art works I plan to do, so I thought I'd start with a sketch I've had for a while of a Kokeshi doll in my collection... ok so 3 might not class as a collection but working on it! 
This little doll was a present from my mum and dad, 
So, this was the sketch that I then turned it into acetates for...

first colour, cream,

second colour, Ochre, 

third colour, red,

Fourth colour chocolate! (of course!)
a few details...

ta daa!

finished little Kokeshi doll.
I plan to do more of these, and I've learnt so much from this one and really enjoyed the process today, 
as it ran very smoothly! 
Which is fab! 
I love it when a plan comes together and you have a good day!!
Hope you had one of those days too, where the lights turned green every time on the way home, and there was a parking space with your name on it and you had a pound in your purse for the trolley at the sooopa! 
'Cos I had one of those days too!:)


  1. this is great - it would be interesting to see the stamps you made - have a great Friday



  2. Awesome blog entry, a sucess for sure and glad you had a great day too!! :)

  3. I love this - my favourite bit is the patterned background x

  4. Divine - thanks for sharing the making process of this kokeshi ! I don't screenprint but I really wish I were !


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