purple printing!

I screen printed a few cards today,

I used this design and simplified it in purple!

And I finished this, remember I'd got so far,

Well today I printed the last two colours, brown and...


I wanted to experiment with textures to see how they worked together for some new work I plan to do, this piece is based on this and has been a fab learning curve.

I love being in the screen printing studio, 
I do wish I had my own screen printing studio with my  own dark room, wash room and screen bed, but until that lottery win comes in I go here which means I meet lots of lovely talented people from different art backgrounds which is great! I screen print with a different artist every time I go in.

I love all the splashes of colour around the studio on all the equipment from years of use, 
creating someones masterpiece! 


  1. Reminds me of my college days...sigh!
    Your new print looks fab. Love the purple one too!

  2. Gorgeous - printing is wonderful!

  3. Love your prints, they are beautiful! The print workshop you go to looks great too! I really wish there were facilities like that around where I live as I would so love to get back into screen printing - i trained in printed textiles but have moved more towards stitch and embroidery work now as printing is just so impractical from a home studio! to have your own printing set up would just be amazing :) jenny x

  4. OOOh I love the finished print!
    I've never done screen printing (studied fashion at college) but I've always wanted to try it.
    And as luck would have it I live like about 5 miles from Mirfield!!!
    It is now on my list of things to look into when I get a minute!
    Thanks mrs, might see you there xx

  5. I LOVE the purple cards! and the mix of purple and green in the print too. You are clever!! xx

  6. hey up missus!!

    truly wonderful prints. the one of Lily is amazing!
    I have my 2 prints up in the home look beautiful!
    love Amy x


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