Happy sock...

Sky had been given a sock Monkey kit for her birthday, 
so we set about making 'Socks' (Sky's name for the monkey... highly original! but cute!)
Son wanted to get involved with the stuffing! after sky had stitched the different sections,

...a naked 'Socks',

more stuffing, 

so far so good,

We were really inspired by 'Socks and Gloves' and 'Happy Gloves' by Miyako Kanamori  (I've added them to my book shelf lovelies in the side bar) 
They helped when we got stuck with the instructions in the kit. They have amazing inspiration in them to make other sock and glove softies,

and then, ta-daaaa!

a fab banana eating 'socks'!
Sky did amazing, v proud!


  1. Its great and super fast - great work on the pink monkey


    creative tail

  2. aah the book I have been looking for!! brill am ordering it now!! :)

  3. Clever girl! That book looks brilliant - I'm in love with the elephant! x

  4. What a lovely way to pass a rainy day...you have inspired us!


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