Nins & Peedles

Here are some designs I made for Valentines ( a year and a half ago! ) for this year.
I suggested the sewn cards be called 'Nins and Peedles' as Sonny says this when he wakes up after sleeping in his hands, 
"Mummy can you rub my hands I've got nins and peedles!" ... and the name stuck!

It seems so long ago when I worked on these with lovely lady, Angela, who has moved on now to work on other things, she is a really great art director and hopefully I'll get a chance to work with her again someday!
If you see these in the shops let me know! .... and I got my name on these this time ! yay!


  1. nins & peedles! heee! oh so cute!
    wonderful designs :0)

  2. What a cool name! and cute cards!

  3. lisa if i had a valetine i would buy one of these lovely g. didi

  4. Ah thanx Mum!....what about my dad?;)

  5. Yeh! Love the name and the cards!!
    I'll keep my eye peeled ;D

  6. These turned out so fantastic! And the Nins and Peedles explanation made my heart sing.. sooooo cute! Love it.



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