Last year the head teacher of Lil, Sonny & Sky's school sadly passed away.
One of the tributes to him was a balloon release. 
All the children made tags with their names, form and the schools e-mail and a little bit of writing or a drawing about what the head teacher meant to them. 
This was last July I think before they broke up for the summer.

The amazing thing is, 
Sky's form teacher received an e-mail from a teacher in Sweden saying that her father in-law had been walking in the woods and found a tag attached to a tree and passed it onto her, 
the name on the tag was Skyla's!


Nearly a year later the tag had survived. 
If you look on the map at Manchester then look to where the 'A' is marked the balloon crossed the North Sea and Denmark to get stuck in a tree in southern Sweden, then found by somebody kind enough to get in touch and let the school know!


I'm a great believer in everything happens for a reason, good and bad, and that there are no accidents, just lessons to be learnt.

don't you think that it's amazing!


  1. Yep, that's amazing! Brilliant!

  2. Amazing, such a long trip for a balloon!

  3. i'm a great believer in that too :) fantastic post! big yay to skyla x

  4. Wow! That would make a great idea for a story - I wonder what adventures/scrapes the balloon had along the way?!

  5. Wow that's such a long journey.

  6. That's so fantastic and a great tribute to the head teacher. x

  7. You've brought a lump to my throat. Such a moving story.

  8. I love this! Great story! What a surprise for you all!

  9. That is amazing... and proof of the wonders and incredible things that happen in this beautiful world everyday! Use the balloon as an analogy for all the wonderful thoughts travelling across the oceans tied to make believe balloons with all the beautiful things about you Lisa attached. Just make sure you're on the lookout with your heart open to receive them! ♥ to u. x

  10. Just saw this tid bit about the balloon. I live in a rural part of north west Florida in the United States.
    I was out for a ride on our golf cart when I spotted a red tag hanging from a green ribbon suspended from a bush in the edge of a cotton field. I was so excited to find that it had been let go by an elementary schools kindergarten class that is about 80 miles away as a crow flys. But how amazing and exciting to think the one in the blog had traveled so far!
    God Bless & Take Care


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