We had a wonderful time in York,
walked talked laffed shopped ate drank
Went to see the David Hockney Exhibition at York gallery, amazing...

and had tea and cakes courtesy of Betty's in the sunshine!
My lovely friend has had an outdoor mirror made of her daughter, she drew the silhouette herself,
it's beautiful and looks great on the red brick garden wall.

Hope you had a fab weekend:)


  1. What an amazing decoration. I've never seen anything like that mirror and to think it's in someone's courtyard. Sounds like you really are enjoying your holiday in York.

  2. What a great idea for a mirror, I'd never heard of such a thing either! Sounds like you had a wonderful break, I love Betty's too - Shame it's just a northern chain! x

  3. Hi luv, it was so lovely to see you and thought if anyone is interested in the mirror it was my step brother who made it and plenty of other great stuff, his website is www.noelblakeman.com. lots of love and see you soon Nicki xxx


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