Japanese rain...

I've turned this sketch from the other day into a mini (8x10cm) print, I'm going tohave a go at entering this exhibition, which I heard about through WYPW.
Here's the first two colours...

colour 3, a hot orange,

colour 4, an electric blue (like the mascara I used to wear in the 80's!!, shhh don't tell anyone)

and finally colour 6 a dark chocolate outline,

Japanese rain

I'm going to add this print to my Etsy & Folksy,
I've enjoyed printing small, 
it's so much easier to work small, you feel you have more control over the process.
I plan to do another one of my sketches in the same way, let me know what you think:)
hope you had a very productive day too! 


  1. It is so delicate ! It's fascinating to see the printing process and the colors adding to each other...

  2. So lovely. Your choice of colour is perfect and I do love seeing the whole process.
    My day was a bit hit and miss but today WILL be productive. I'm in trouble if it isn't! x

  3. This is lovely - just seen the portrait of Sonny from yesterday's post - absolutely stunning! You are super talented missus!! xx

  4. Wow Love it!! I just love seeing the process!! You make it look so easy but I know there is a lot of work that goes into each print!! The print is so gorgeous!!

  5. Oh lovely! Great colours and textures, I always love to see the process too.


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