When you go to the family gallery at Manchester city art gallery,
they have a drawing table with lots of inspiration on to encourage you to draw.
There's a 'spinner' a bit like a dice attached to the table, which when you spin it tells you, how you must draw.....

* Draw with your wrong hand
*Draw with your eyes closed
*Draw without taking your pencil off the paper
*Draw using someone else's hand
*Ask someone to draw on your back and copy what they draw

try it! It's great to do with the kids:)
(Sonny is wearing a red hero's cape because it came in the bag of goodies you get at the reception desk of the gallery, he normally goes for the hard hat and utility belt option, but this time opted for the art hero's bag, with binocliers!!)


  1. Finally got my ability to comment back! This looks superfun. Will try later today. We may do some other wheel of fortune thingies too. Great idea.

  2. That looks like lots of fun... great idea :)


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