I fancied making these the other day! as you do!
If I now have time while resting up might as well do something productive with it!
I made this mermaid for the girls:)

Today Lil started high school! wow! where's the year gone? 
Soooo proud of my big girl! All the change is so exciting, isn't it fab watching your children grow and change?! So proud... sorry I've mentioned that, but I am!
Have a great first day gorgeous!! xxx


  1. Oh good luck! She looks so smart and happy. x

  2. Cute! Exciting times with a high schooler in the house! My little boy starts school for the first time next week - eeek!

  3. Love your new makes Lisa, you are clever!! Lovely photo of your high school girl, all growed up looking cool! Is that cool to say cool?? I hope you are doing ok? Sounds like it! 2 nice blog suggestions, although you may well have been there already, 'seven impossible things before breakfast' for oh so lovely book illustrations! and Genines art blog, for wonderful work and inspiration! I've just ordered some stamping stuff, to try!Ooooh exciting!!! There's a sketchcrawl at Yorks Sculpture park Sat too, via 'An Illustrators life for me' blog. I'm going to try and do it?? Take good care of youself, all the best. I'm away with the fairies painting today, or rather I should be.... must fly. X Julie

  4. These are super Lisa - definitely something you should pursue !

  5. Love the mermaid, Lisa, and the photo of your high schooler is wonderful too. What a sweetheart. Time seems to move along without our taking notice until something like a child reaching another mile stone to make us stop and say, "Where has the time gone?" Have a good week. Hugs

  6. So unmistakeably yours - I love them!
    Hope Lil got on ok on her first day x

  7. love your wooden sculptures they are well peaceful.
    Lil looks like high school will be a piece of cake, so confident, fantastic! What happened to geeky first year photos? maybe thats just me!
    big hugs to you lassy xxx


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