keep smiling...

One week into my chemo,
so far so good!..... if you can say that about chemo?!

I now know what it feels like to be flattened by a steam roller and feel 105!!!
One down 5 to go, and that feels good and keeps me smiling,
just like the things around me this morning:)

my new plate :)

my special hospital card from Chris and the kids, 
from Raw art Letter Press here

This little robin arrived through the post yesterday from the very kind Kate Slater which brightened my day so much, thank you Kate x

 my den of smiley faces!

kids count down... 

gorgeous cards and gifts,
Chris bought me my faves, sunflowers, which have constantly brightened the house and look ace in this fab Rob Ryan vase,

keep smiling:)
Have a fantastic 1st of September xx


  1. My thoughts and best wishes are with you. Keep thinking of all of your blessings and those who love you. Hugs

  2. :D big smiles right back at you! :D lots of love xxx

  3. That made me cry!
    Stay strong mrs!
    Hugs xxx

  4. It's so good you have lots of wonderful family/friends and beautiful things around you to make you smile :D

    ps. you are gorgeous x

  5. Such a brave lady, such wonderful family.
    Take care Amanda.....x

  6. What lovely things to surround yourself with! I love your plate!

    Glad to hear it went OK! I did a wee piece about you on my blog this week, hope that's OK?! x

  7. Just got back and so so HAPPY to read that you got the all clear xx
    You rock girl and will love just as beautiful with a slap head ;D
    BIG hugs and smiles xxx

  8. Thank you Karen for your lovely post x My Etsy Shop and Folksy shops are now open, and will only close on the first week of chemo when I'm a little wiped out, otherwise, on recovery & good weeks they'll be open!! Big Thanks for your lovely comments and support, I really appreciate it :)x

  9. Lisa, you are so unbelievably brave and positive. Wishing you health and speed thru the bad weeks and fun and energy thru the good xx

  10. I'll be smiling for you. Take care. Wishing you a speedy next 5 weeks. Nic x

  11. Great to see you in such good spirits. Love the plate. Take care.

  12. You are one hell of a woman! Keep smiling, and you are gorgeous. My father in law went through several rounds of chemo last year... his hair stayed throughout! I happens. Big hugs xxx Lou xx

  13. No problem! I've added an update to my blog to let everyone know you're open for business! :)

  14. Lisa you are an inspiration and one in a million. Thinking and sending lots of positive vibes your way. Love the plate as well, hugs Jen xx

  15. Hi Lovely,
    You are doing so well.
    Rest when you need to and drink lots of nice green tea.
    1 down 5 to go!
    Big hugs

  16. Hi Lisa

    I have been thinking about you a lot recently. You are just so wonderful and inspiring.

    Sending you lots of love and smiles.

    Love Mary. (Kimberley's friend from Tigerprint). x x x x x x x

  17. You are an inspiration Lisa....keep up the smiling! :D

  18. A tower of strength, always optimistic and a wonderful sense of humour - you're getting through this and what a fabulous family and friends you have.
    Love that plate!

  19. The gorgeous photo of the view in this post reminds me of my Pennine childhood in Saddleworth. Sending you special vibes. xxx


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