I'm on a good week!

I'm on the good week of my first cycle of chemo, yay!
and I'm making the most of my energy, hair ( bits started falling out yesterday, lovely!, my Chris is a lucky man! I bet when he signed up to me 15 years ago he wasn't expecting a balding no eye browed one boobed wonder!!, I keep telling him he has to look at the beauty within... and mine just looks like Angelina Jolie, honestly it does!)... where was I , 
Oh yes,
making the most of my energy and the rest of my faculties whilst I still have them!! I now even enjoy the simple things in life like vacing round to Basement Jaxx!!

Have a wonderful energetic full on weekend, 'cos you can!! xx


  1. Lisa, I'm happy to hear you're doing well. Chris is a lucky man and as for the hair and the eyebrows, they'll grow back and aren't who you are anyway. I haven't had eyebrows in years but with a good brow pencil and a bit of shadow all is good. I don't doubt you are Angelina Jolie on the inside, I'm Sandra Bullock. Keep thinking those positive thoughts. Before I forget, I meant to say the little piece of fabric art is charming. Have a good week. Hugs

  2. Keep up there with that cute little butterfly Lisa. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. You are so funny, as ever. Just look back on all your funny blogs, if things go downhill a bit, it's always a joy to read about your antics! I couldn't hear the music, but keep dancing anyway!
    Best wishes, X Julie.

  3. I suspect your Chris will be just delighted that you are vacing around to Basement Jaxx...forget the rest!!!!

    Lots of well wishes Samantha & Helaina (WYPW)xx

  4. Ah thank you! x I've sorted out the link to the music now so you can hear my vacing and cleaning music! you should try it!!

  5. I'm sure that Chris saw the 'Angelina' inside of you when you very first met! He's obviously very astute.
    All the best - love your positivity!

  6. Your butterfly is really cute as are you, inside and out :-)

  7. What a lovely place i just discovered here; i am glad to read that your are doing well, i love your little butterfly on this post so cute and so happy!
    will be back for more, sending love and light your way,
    xo sandra


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