Nins and Peedles

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!

I made these cheeky monkeys over a year and half ago for Carlton Cards for Christmas cards this year! 

I made quite a few hand stitched cards and called the range 'Nins and Peedles' as that's what Sonny says to me if he's been sleeping funny on his hands and they've all gone numb!
(Then I have to rub them and say 'be gone Nins and Peedles!'.... the things we do!)

If you see them in the shops you'll have to let me know!!

Sorry it's been a while posting, I've been busy getting on with Cycle 5 of chemo, which can only mean one thing ,
yes, I've only one more left!
Yes count them, one , just the one, a little number one, (as a apposed to a number two, although at times that's probably the only way to describe it!)
So yip,  
feels good to be on the penultimate, and how fab to celebrate but at Christmas time!
Bring it on!


  1. love these!! hurray to you lisa just numero uno left to go x

  2. fabulous cards and fabulous little critters!
    Hope you are feeling fabulous after all that chemo is done ♥

  3. Great characters Lisa. In the home straight - all the best.

  4. These are lovely Lisa.
    Hooray for the last one!
    Big party/treat at the end
    Lots of love

  5. GOOD news lisa, these little tinkers are super cute :) x x x

  6. Lovely cheeky monkeys Lisa, shall keep a look out for them! Fantastically well done with the treatment, only one, yeah, come on Christmas and celebrations for you! Brilliant.

  7. I love your nins and peedles. I'll definitely look out for them in the shops.
    It's great that you only have more round of treatment left. I'm still sendingpositive vibes and well wishes your way

  8. Go girl!It's always great when you start posting again - I know you must be feeling a bit better, lots of love Nicki xxx

  9. Love your Nins and Peedles line, they're adorable and I'll keep an eye out for them. Congrats on getting to the end of those pesky treatments and in time for Christmas too.

  10. Oh yes Bring it oN.....well done to you! Love those cards too :-)

  11. LOVE the monkeys, they're gorgeous! Great news that you've almost finished the chemo too - my penultimate congratulations! x x


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