amazing images...

I saw this on Colossal Art and Design blog,
very beautiful with moving music,
I looked up what Samara means and this is what it said on Wiki,

Sansāra or sangsara (संसार) is a Sanskrit[1] and Pāli term, which translates as "continuous movement" or "continuous flowing" and, in Buddhism, refers to the concept of a cycle of birth (jāti), and consequent decay and death (jarāmaraṇa), in which all beings in the universe participate, and which can only be escaped through enlightenmentSaṃsāra is continuous suffering (or dukkha) and is generally considered the antithesis of Nirvāṇa (Sanskrit) or nibbāna (Pali), which literally translates as "extinguishing" or "unbinding". The concept of Saṃsāra was derived from the Hindu belief of reincarnation, from whichSiddhartha Gautama — the founder of Buddhism — developed some of his teachings regarding life and death.

I bet it's quite life affirming to watch this film and humbling to realise our place in the world.


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