Just remind me what month we're in again please?

...Ahhh July, lovely.

I'm desperately trying to be positive about another rainy day,

I don't mind the rain at all, in fact I love walking in the rain and that fresh rain smell on the grass,
and as the saying goes, 
"No such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothes"
....do I really want to be wearing this!

Come on, join me in a little sun dance to the sun god whose department area covers the Yorkshire region for a few rays of that lovely vitamin D sunshine filled with happy chemicals.... please!
thank you:)


  1. Where do you get one of those rain capes???? I need one for my hols! I'm just going to go and do that sun dance quick, it's getting to desperation levels. A bit of rain now and again,that's ok? But can this persistent stuff stop please. Hope you don't get trench foot marching up those hills :) Like your 'right as rain' design.

  2. Lovely illustration.....and yes I am dancing but it is raining in London even as I dance!

  3. I like dancing when I'm making dinner so I'm going to do a sun dance too cos it's raining :0))
    Great illie!

  4. I'm dancing....REALLY dancing.... x

  5. Phew, just catching up on a few missed blog posts and howling with laughter at your corned beef legs and Roachford and weird stalker thumbs up comments.

    Oh and hair looks fab - yay come and join us curly folk! It's a battle of hairbrush vs frizz every morning and mostly I lose and end up looking like one of Def Leppard.



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