These days...

...I'm mostly walking around looking like this...

do you remember the Hair Bear Bunch!
I have what is known as Chemo Curl!
and my lovely lovely hair is growing outwards rather than downwards!
But you know what, I like it!
I don't mind being a curly tops and now it's established itself it growing pretty quickly!

I wanted to show how super curly it is at the back.... but all I seem to be showing is how mucky my bathroom mirror is and how much of a domestic goddess I am ( tongue in cheek!)
But yeah, lovely, 
just fab to have hair and be 'modelling' a new look!
and I now have fab long eyelashes thanks to this, which I can really recommend, so I'm feeling pretty good and normal again!

Also these days...
 ( again, someone has their finger on fast forward as I'm meeting myself coming backwards as we approach the big summer holidays!)
I've been,

screen printing ( will show finished print end of this week when I go back into finish)

coping with a super adventurous and affectionate little kitten Cassius!
(who took it upon himself to sleep in Chris' hood whilst he was working from home last week!)

drawing Elma with Sonny,

and going to a presentation evening for Lil, for producing great work in Art!

Woooooo bit proud!

in fact bursting at the seams with loads of pride, how fab's that! 
all those years of dragging Lil around art galleries and painting and drawing with her have paid off!
She didn't tell me what she was getting her award for, and I assumed it was for PE as she's fab at sports. Unfortunately I can't take any of the credit for that one being the little skinny one with corn beef legs from sitting too close to the gas fire resulting in always getting picked for the rounders team last, " Oh bloody 'ell do we 'av to 'av Stubbsy? ahhh,  go be a fielder reet  at back Stubbsy you'll be reet there" .... and off I'd walk with my blueish tinged legs 'reet' to back 'o field.

Thank goodness those days are gone, and Lil doesn't take after me in the sporty stakes!
well done Lil x

I went to see Roachford here,
He was singing with Mike and the Mechanics,
Ahhhhh I used to have a big crush on Roachford when I was younger,
 ( well still have after Friday, he hadn't altered a bit, I think he baths in the fountain of youth every morning! I need to know his secret! )
I used to have his poster on my wall from Smash hits!
OK the photo's not great ( and I'd like to think the thumbs up means, 'ooo lovely, she's a bit of alright', instead of a funny old 'Dad' thing to do when you're feeling awkward and don't know what else to do when a nutty fan accosts you for a photo!)

 I love that his little trolley case is at the side of us,
it looks like we're a couple just off to the airport and we've packed light, just knickers and tooth brush's!.... not that I'm implying Roachford where's knickers or cross dresses at all at all at all.... I'll stop now.
Chris said I'm reading too much into it, and the thumbs up actually means can you get this weird stalker type fan away from me quickly before I call the police.....

I don't know what he means!

I'll be your cuddly toy!
Have a fab day:)

OOOOooo, just to remind you too, that if your in the West Yorkshire area this week come and visit Holmfirth art week, I have 3 fabric pieces in the upstairs gallery and there's some beautiful work from local artists  such as Tanya Palmer, Mick Kirby Geddes, Dionne Swift and loads more, it's really worth a look, and there's an art market at the back of the exhibition selling prints and cards,


  1. Fun post Lisa. So many good things going on right now in your life. Your hair looks so great I hardly noticed the mucky mirror. I wish mine would curl out and not hug my head. As for having a crush on Roachford, that's quite understandable but stalking? What kind of example is that for the kiddies? Have a great week. Hugs

  2. Great post! Love the kitty card.............

  3. great post...I especially like the bit about Roachford wearing knickers :0))

  4. Love the post Lisa, had me laughing out loud again! Ooh OOh Mr Peevly. The hair is looking good, always wanted curly locks. The colours for the screenprint look v interesting?
    I know the brother of the people who have the Picturedome, he was married to my very good friend Michele. I should check out what's on there, love Mike and the Mechanics. Thanks for the fun :) Keep up all the good work.

  5. Nicki Moorhouse4 July 2012 at 13:17

    Looking gorgeous and STILL going on about Roachford - poor Chris!! xxx

  6. your hair is look great lisa, cute curly pixie crop suits you :) ahh you must be proud of lil! love the new kitty card too x

  7. Keep burning that candle at both ends Lisa!


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