online presence...

I've just spent the afternoon trying to create a website,
and for a computer numpty such as myself it's been no easy task!

I'm really out of my comfort zone with computers 
and much prefer to get my hands dirty and do things in the real world 
with paper, paint, glue, fabric, thread and elbow grease.
Not a big fan of staring at a screen all afternoon...


This is the fruit of my labour
( which involved lots of swearing, fueled by green tea and a cheese, tomato and pesto butty )
let me know what you think, advice, tips and general opinion!


  1. I LOVE IT!!! sleek, cool and filled with the most heartfelt work, just perfect x

  2. for a computer numpty that's bloody gorgeous!! hell, for anyone that's bloody gorgeous! I am definitely a computer numpty and in no way could manage anything like that x

  3. computer numpty? really? it's really ruddy good! it's simple, neat & fresh :) well done you! now you can get back to getting messy with paint & glue ;D

  4. Looks lovely well done, always love your work. x

  5. I think it's great. Simple, but does everything it needs to. Hope it was worth the time well spent. I believe they say say a stitch in time saves nine.

  6. Love it... it looks excellent! :) One small thing though.... the navigation bar is right down the bottom and you have to scroll down to see it and click on it! I prefer getting my hands dirty too :)

  7. Hi Lisa, before you swan off for the summer somewhere lovely would you pop into the new gallery. The Willow Tree Gallery. We would love to have some of your work in the browser and some framed plus cards would be fab! We are hoping to stock some Rob Ryan too, so you will be in good company !!!!
    Take care and thankyou for the lovely Frida Kahlo book.
    love Deb x

  8. Looks wonderful, easy to use and your photos of your work are immaculate - I can see every stitch and fibre! Well done Numpty xx

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