feet not touched the ground!

We had such a fab time in Sweden,
I love visiting my friend Jane, she spoils us when we are there,
thanks Jane for the fab memories:)...

curly tops!

Stockholm club,

dancing till 3 in the morning!

I could go on and on and on and on....

Life's a great big whirl wind at the mo hence the lack of blogging,
 and I'm on auto pilot treading water through each day!
all fab tho,
 Lil sonny sky have been on half term 
and this gorgeous babe...

turned into this gorgeous teenager over night! How the hecky thump did that happen?!

happy birthday gorgeous x

Well I'm getting ready for my last event of the year
The Art Market

I'll be there this Saturday evening and Sunday,
I'm excited and nervous for the whole thing, I've never done an art market before so this is all new to me!
Come along if you are in the area and say hello,
I'll post some photo's of my preparation for it!
Have a lovely creative day, and I want to share this I saw on Pinterest, just fab!


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