The Art Market

I did it !
I had a lovely time at the Art Market this weekend,
it was a fab opportunity to meet lots of lovely people and chat,
If you came along to say hallo! thank you! 
it was great to meet you, thanks for your kind words and support x

As I said before, I was out of my comfort zone quite a bit, 
I like being at the other side of the stall with my purse! but it all went very well and I enjoyed the lovely atmosphere and chatting to customers.

 I sold my framed piece of Lil, Sonny & Sky rock pooling at Runswick Bay to a lovely lady who was decorating a house in Runswick Bay! how amazing is that! so perfect!
I was so pleased the print was going to he hung in the place where the inspiration had originally come from (go here to see pictures) just lovely!

I was very lucky to share a stall with Helaina Sharpley 
who creates such gorgeous artworks from wire,
not only is she a very talented wire work artist but a very lovely person too!
and we danced behind the stall to help keep our feet warm (despite wearing 3 pairs of socks!!) ...

The stall behind us was Vinegar & brown paper, who etch ideas onto glass,
which were highly desirable! such fabulous ideas!...

There was also gorgeous bags from Geraldine at Greenview

lovely ceramics by Charlotte Morrison
( I bought the gorgeous gent brooch with a pipe as a treat to myself! ... well it would be rude not to!)

The ultra talented Claire Caulfield who taught me how to screen print a couple of years ago, her work is so unique and wonderful.

There was so much creative talent that I'd be here all day so here's just a one more,

Amy Stubbs (no relation!) Amy creates the most gorgeous scarves, I wish I'd known when I was going through my chemo! I found it so hard to find unusual head scarves, 
Amy's are so beautiful with black and white images of her grandma incorporated into the designs,


To see more artists work from the Art Market look here,

lovely jubbley,

right off to sort my studio out now which is in total chaos! 
It looks like we've been robbed! 
Our house wouldn't get burgled, ( I'm no domestic goddess ) the buglers would break in and shout
(to be said in rough gritty 40 Captson full strength a day voice)
 "Ah lads someones beaten us to it! this place has already been done over" 
and off they'd go in their stripey jumpers and balaclavas with an empty swag bag over their shoulders!

Happy days!


  1. Looks like it was a great success. Well done!

  2. Wow what amazing work, I particularly love Claire's screenprint and that amazing scarf! Glad you had a good day, and how lovely to sell the rockpooling print to go in a house where the picture originated from. Well done you! x

  3. Your stuff looks fab what a great day.

  4. Oh gosh I really missed out there! How fantastic that your print is going home :) It looks like it was the BEST craft show around. Hope it all went well! I am kicking myself now, ooch! :)


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