The first cut

(wonder forest by Manabu Hangai)

On Friday I took Lil to see the first cut exhibition, at the Manchester City Art Gallery.
If you ever get chance to see this exhibition you must! it's so wonderful and inspiring...

Fotoecken by Sarah Bridgland

Map of my entire life by Rob Ryan

Exodus by Andrea Mastrovito

Stellar spire in the Eagle Nebula by Andrew Singleton

The Harbingers by Claire Brewster

Twist Angel 6 by Long-Bin Chen

Sequel by Nicole Dale

Lil said the exhibition was 'Amence!'
such a wonderful and fascinating exhibition, I want to go back and look again!
It's fabulous you must go see it! I was so inspired, makes me want to draw with my scalpel and put aside my pencils!


  1. Super wow! Thanks for the pics.

  2. me too I took my daughter to see it she's doing A'level art and it totally inspired her infact she's working in an old book at the mo turning it into a sculpture ....loved your photos

  3. Looks brilliant - I love Sarah Bridgland's work, so clever.

  4. That does look amazing, a few people have blogged about it.I know I would love it, thanks for the photies. :)

  5. that looks amazing ,love the birds


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