free as a bird...

... this Monday afternoon!

I'm enjoying playing with textures and experimenting a bit with my screen printing, 
it's hard to find time to experiment and make mistakes 
but how am I going progress and get better If I don't?!

I'm going back to my drawing board and my sketch books the rest of this year so I can sketch, brain storm and plan a creative a fresh start to next year!
woooooo! get me trying to be all organised and profesh! 
( don't be fooled!!)


  1. This is beautiful Lisa, I love the textures and patterns, and the limited colour palette. Gorgeous. :)

  2. I love to see your screenprints in the racks like that, those textures you've got are fantastic, how do you do that???? You is profesh for sure! I always enjoy sketching in my sketchbooks, it's the best part of any planning, enjoy your time there!:)


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