love song...

Remember this from a couple of years back?
I did a post mentioning it.
Sky drew me this picture called  'Colour of Love' and I thought it would make a great screen print and
 it has been brightening up desk ever since 

9 screen later love song!

 Our first mother and daughter collaboration!
Sky is very pleased with it as am I !
It was a lovely cheery print to do!
Have a very colourful weekend:)


  1. Looks great, you need to do more collaborations together. x

  2. love it missus!

    All is super lovely here in DK, we've had half term this week so had a couple of days of together which was well ace!

  3. Now that's what a call team work!! It's absolutely gorgeous!! Well done to you both!
    P.s picked up one of your other beauties in Paprchase last week! Fab for Valentines
    Love Haylie x

  4. OH my only just seen this, its absolutely brilliant Just great x x x

  5. Fabo! Wow I love that. I bought a print of yours from Nest (umbrella prints) here in adelaide a couple of years ago... looks just like me piggy backing my 2nd of 3 boys... he thinks so too...
    And I think I love this one as much! Sometimes art just makes your heart sing! Nice work

  6. Ah thanks guys I really appreciate your feedback xxxx

  7. That looks great! Well done Skyla (and mum)!
    love Nicki


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