A Moment in time...

I've been working on pieces for Holmfirth Artwork which is coming up in a months time.
This piece 'A Moment in time (two) is part of that development taken from one of my entries to the Umbrella competition of Lil & Sky.

The piece for the exhibition is slightly bigger than this one and has a bit more work on it, 
I'll show you when I get all 3 pieces framed.

I love Holmfirth Art Week, and feel proud to be able to support it for such a fantastic cause. 
The Macmillan website was my touchstone when I was going through treatment and explained things without scaring me half to death which was a reassuring comfort and helped me understand my situation better which intern kept me positive, so it feels great to be able to give a little back.

If your in the area 7 - 13th July pop in, there's a mix of work from armatures to famous professionals and something to please all tastes, there's also an art market at the back of the hall to buy smaller pieces & cards where everything is priced £1 to £100 all of which a percentage goes to Macmillan,


  1. Love this print, and I SO love the circular paper with the deckle edge, how gorgeousness is that!!! Colours and textures all beautiful. I like the swooshyness of it all, how they blend into each other, you clever bod! :)


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