My Sweet Angel...

I'm developing my second screen print for Holmfirth Artweek,
going to finish it in the studio tomorrow and also complete the third in the series.

This design is based on me and Lil when she was born, I found a little book of poems and silly verse I wrote when she was tiny and used to call her my sweet Angel,  I used to write them whilst breast feeding! then sing them to her when winding! 
eee how things change,

she's a teenager busy dancing around the house singing Daft punk now!... but in Lil's words " I'm never too old for a coooch Marja!"
Lil calls me Marja now, and Chris Farja, must be a thirteen  thing.... although she's not impressed when I call her onion Barja.


  1. this print, neeed this print! hehe! gorgeous story behind this print too x


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