All grown up...

 ... the last print in the three, I'm going to finish it on Wednesday this is the development so far.

This design was developed from a sketch I did about growing up, 
turning into a young woman from a teenager, with your heart tattooed on your sleeve and being innocent. I was listening to the Maccabees as I worked on the artwork and was inspired by their lyrics on my favourite love song ever 'Toothpaste kisses' and 'First Love'

I've left some prints without the blue Tattoo on and plan to design another one for the exhibition, 
maybe inspired by Sting/ Eva Cassidy's Fields of Gold? or maybe something more decorative or traditional? off to sketch some ideas!


  1. I love all your prints, and especially the texture you get in to them Lisa! Can I ask, do you have films made of each layer? Its very expensive here to print opaque film, so I wondered whether you had a different method.

    1. Thank you xxx Yes each layer is a black photocopy onto acetate which I do at the print workshop, 25p for A4 and 55p for A3, so it doesn't break the bank. I have seen some print makers use vegetable oil on there normal black and white copies to make the paper transparent under the ultra violet light, especially for detailed prints of photographs which may loose detail with an acetate copy, a bit messy though but might be worth a try as a cheeper option? Hope your fab and very well and having a grand summer x! take care love Lisa xx

  2. Having a wet winter actually :-)
    Love that your acetates are so cheap, wish ours were. x

  3. Hi lovely! love the lyrics/tattoo!!
    Fields of gold is a fave of mine, played it at my wedding, blimey that seems yonks ago ;)

  4. I really like all your printing, and especially the structure you get in to them Lisa! Can I ask, do you have movies created of each layer? Its very costly here to create solid movie, so I considered whether you had a different technique.
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