Chocolates for breakfast...

...every morning for a month!! Yay!
I love Christmas I do!!

Last November, me and the girls saw this picture in a magazine and said "Wow, we want to make that!"
So three months later!! we completed this!....

The photo's are not that good, it's so dark here and my camera is deciding not to focus ( as the warranty's run out so now's the time for everything to pack in on it!!!)
but I managed to get a few decent shots!

The girls loved sewing the pockets and even though it wasn't ready in time for Christmas it was wonderful to make and a labour of love for the girls,

So it was very exciting to get it out last night and the whole experience of creating this calendar was rekindled as the girls started filling it up with chocolates.

( Can I just say , Lily had just been doing her triathlon swim lesson hence the funny hair and Sky hasn't taken her pearly kings n queens 'aw right Govner dancing hat off since their dance show yesterday...she took it to bed and wore it for school!!...should I be worried?!)

So yeah, first of December, how the 'eck did that happen?
Happy chocolate breakfast to all!!


  1. How beautiful! Such a lovely thing. We might have to give up the cardboard versions and start sewing :-)

  2. Oh how beautiful it has turned out! I remember when you started that and it's so lovely. Clever girls!! xx

  3. It's just gorgeous and how wonderful to be able to fill it with all your favourite chockies, yum.

  4. Every year I struggle with what sorts of tiny things to put in our calendar. This year I'm taking your advice and going with a bit of chocolate for every morning. Thanks!!


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