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I'm hotting and notting again at loobylu's....join in


we're getting there!!! from this to...

this, yay, we have our front room back! it's still got the odd bit to do but it feels like we're more or less there! yay again!

Ooooo what could we put in this space? mmmm,

only the biggest telly in the world!

Our old telly was one of those 'vintage' big backed affairs which it took two big lads and a barrow to get up the stairs... along with a lot of colourful language and sweaty stops for breath!
So we decided to get a new one, flat screen, so light you can't sneeze near it or it'll fall over.
It's a bit tooooo big really, but Charlie and the chocolate factory looks fantastic on it!

Putting new items in new room, the fun bit to decorating (still lots to do, Christmas shopping and wrapping is taking me away from the finishing touches!)

This little bird is by Deb Price, from her shop Winnies.

decorating the tree, we have two, a coordinated posh one in the room and a fab funky bright one in the kitchen with lots of lovely home made decs on.

Opening my Rob Ryan ( see his plug in paper..fantastic!!) tile to find this beautiful laser cut in the parcel along with some pin badges! fab!

All the Christmas socialising
and seeing friends.


All the Christmas socialising!

I'm cream crackered! I looked in the mirror this morning and I looked like the crypt keeper! I could hear my mate in my head saying "nip your cheeks" to pink them up and make me look a little human! ( I then looked like Aunt Sally!!)
eeeee I just can't take the pace !!


  1. Ooo, drawing your eyelashes on a la Aunt Sally, what a fabulously scary look! Very funny! Chele x -
    Take it easy on yourself!!

  2. Gorgeous post ... tele looks perfect ;)

  3. Your room looks really lovely!! Can't wait to see it - gorgeous colour green, one of my favourites! xx

  4. The front room looks so gorgeous. LOve your tree - and even the telly looks great. Thanks for playing again!

  5. Hey, your hous eis looking nice! Nice TV too.
    Forgotten about Aunt Sally and John Pertwee...


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