one step forward...

An early birthday party for Sky, Sky's birthday is actually over Christmas and is over shadowed by all the Christmas celebrations , so we make a fuss early to make it special!

Christmas crafting on Sunday was fun...

...but by the time we had made the decorations, done the yearly tradition of walking down the road to the fur tree farm to pick our Christmas tree, go to a 10 pin bowling party, have uncle Ian for tea before he goes travelling ,
(one of his pressies was a pocket travel guide to Vietnam, I stuck pictures in of the kids saying "love you Uncle Ian & travel safely" .......Ian said, "it's lovely Lise, but I'm going to Thailand" ...mmmm, I need a holiday)
We're also trying to finish decorating the front room (we're very nearly there!)

So yeah we were still decorating the tree at 10 O'clock at night,

So this morning we were all sooooo shattered, yesterday did feel like one step forward and ten back! So I'm off now to clear yesterdays debris and do some more decorating!


  1. Hi Lisa. I was one of the winners of your giveaway. The gorgeous collection of goodies arrived today. Thank you so much for your generosity. Your work is amazing! :)


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