'Lil Sonny Sky's book of the week....

Christmas things to stitch and sew published by Usborne is a fab crafty book for kids (and grown ups!) to inspire some homemade Christmas crafting, which is what we'll be doing this Sunday, can't wait!

We shall have the Christmas music on full blast as we create these little beauties!!...

scoffing mince pies as we sew, stick and glue....

...and if it all goes pear shaped and there's fights over buttons and lost needles, I shall be drinking copious amounts of mulled wine or Glogg ( Swedish equivalent, introduced to us by 'lucky to be living in Sweden' friends Jane & Lasse, cheers guys!xx)

Happy Christmas crafting!


  1. Cant wait to see all these lovely christmassy things on you tree. love g.didi


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