What's hot and what's not...


I've had a really bad week so far (oooo not a good start to hot!!),

Everything that could go wrong ...has
But as usual , when things don't quite go to plan there's always the thought things could be worse, a lot worse, and be thank ful for 3 gorgeous healthy kids who draw me lovely Christmas pictures to cheer me up!!

Also Loobylu's blog is hot, join in the hot and notness here


Feeling like Perkin all week .


  1. Your advent calender is sweet! Did you join in the Red Work Quilt? Your kids look excited about Christmas!

  2. Having a bad week is not hot at all, but those pictures are fabulous and totally hot, hot, hot.

  3. Love those pictures! I know where they get in from! Hope your week is picking up - Perkin is very cute though! x

  4. I love the Kids Christmas drawings Lisa! Sorry to hear you are having a bad week...I hope the rest of it picks up for you and something awesome is waiting around the corner! The Flumps are pretty cute even if Poor Perkin is having a crapy time. Chele x

  5. So sorry your week has been unhot mine has had its ups and downs too. Trying to get into the TRUE spirit of Christmas with varying degrees of success...I refuse to give into the bah humbugs!

  6. Gorgeous, treasured works of art ... hope your week has perked up!


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