Fab Fun Friday!!

I love red nose day!
and so do the kids,

Lily didn't get dressed this morning and walked to school in her PJ's, dressing gown and red nose!

Sky was a punk fairy and Son was red nosed Batman... 

which was great fun until the giggly red nosed Batman need an emergency tinkle on the hill down to school and realised that his Batman suit was an all-in-one and there was no where for his 'little man' to come out!!!!
as all super hero's know,
 Mum came to the rescue and stripped him down in record time and saved the day!

Another Red nosed super hero is the very talented Kirsty at 
everything purchased from Kirsty's shops today goes to Comic Relief 
so take a look at Kisty's gorgeous drift wood designs, textiles and cards...

SO have a whale of a time this fun Friday,

Do some 'laffing' and raise some money for a very worthy cause!

Keep smiling and have a fab weekend!!

I want to add too that Deborah over at Kickcan and conkers is supporting the bloggers silence for Japan,
there are many links on Deborah's site to donate to this devastating disaster so please give generously, we are very very lucky:)


  1. Thank you for the plug, my sweet!
    Great photos of your children - have a happy weekend :D

  2. A great entry full of goodness x

  3. They are a nightmare those all in ones ;o)
    Happy red nose day, I'm off to the pub with my red nose for a friends birthday ;o)

  4. Fabulous photos, hope you all had a fab day.
    Thank you!

  5. What a gorgeous post! ♥ it.

    Just making sure to drop by to see how your talent is progressing. Not only is my original in pride of place in my house... I have your photo as my desktop wallpaper :)


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