School loo's update... week 8

Do you know what?
my confidence is growing more and more painting the school loo's!
I was out of my comfort zone at first, painting so big.... and I'm no Rolf Harris by any means ( can you guess what it it yet? I was 5 when this fab clip of vintage TV was shown!!! I loved Jim'l fix it!!)

.... maybe I'll paint better in a pair of high waisted electric blue flares?... worth a try,

 Nor am I a Banksi for that matter,

I love a challenge and being taken out my comfort zone because over the years I've learnt that, that's the only way to learn!
Today something clicked, 
and rather than be nervous of the outcome I was confident enough to lay down the basic sketch and then draw freehand around it, adding things that weren't planned and I enjoyed every minute!....

One little girl had complained to me that I had only painted mermaids with blond and brown hair and she wanted a 'ginger' mermaid ( she was a lovely red head herself ) and that mermaids had red hair just like the little mermaid... so, could I do the next mermaid 'ginger'.

I like to please my clients and accommodate their requests the best I can!
So today I started the 'ginger' mermaid!


  1. Marvellous mermaid, gorgeously ginger! Coincidentally I'm reading Rolf's autobiography at the mo' - a thoroughly engrossing read.

  2. What a neat project to work on it looks wonderful! I have done a couple of murals for friends and schools and they are so much fun. I bet this isn't going to be your last, when the word gets out....

  3. Looking great, your enthusiasm is quite infectious! Your posts always make me smile.


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