working hard...

Working hard this week, so this is going to be my last post for a while.
It really struck me this morning how happy my kids are! I know that's a bit strange! but they were so eager to get to school ( a memory I definitely don't have!) 
just so carefree, no responsibility or a care in the world, which of course is how it should be,  every child's right! it was lovely to watch, and I felt incredibly lucky and proud.

They skipped most of the way to school.

I did not skip back, with my head full of jobs, to do lists etc, and what felt like the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I think we should all try and think like children!...

I bought this beautiful card the other day by Suzy Taylor, I love the sentiment,

as well as this one!!

 thanks for all your support and lovely & kind comments, 
I  soooooooooo  appreciated them, every one, you always give me a boost as I work away here on my lonesome! and I love reading all your blogs and creative adventures, so inspiring:)
so thank you
and I'll be back in a couple of weeks!:)
( and I'm sure you have a nice arse too!!)


  1. my older kids aren't happy to go to school :( exams!
    THANK YOU for your cheerful posts that make me :D while I'm on my lonesome. Feel the same as you with big deadlines in the next 2 weeks, we can do it! Love the quotes x
    PS my arse use to be nice, starting to sag a little now ;o)

  2. oh don't be gone too long & don't work too hard hehe! lovely post, happy, smiley kids you have there & who actually like school! wow! you wouldn't find me skipping, more like dragging my feet kicking & screaming hee!
    {ooh i'd love a coat like lil's} x

    ha jax - snap! x

  3. I love it when they're happy :-) Hope your to do list is beaten back into submission. Love the last one!

  4. such a lovely post...your kids looks great. Hope all the work goes well and you have mega productive days!
    Come back soon!

  5. What a nice entry to read with my honey on toast and new baby, stuff to dream of.
    Good luck in the next couple o weeks with the work look forward to hearing a bit about it. :)

  6. Good luck with your To Do List... we'll miss you while you've got your head down!

    The Angie Lewin book is BEAUTIFUL - the close ups of her carved woodblocks are stunning, and the pages from her sketchbooks are very inspiring. I highly recommend.

  7. Thank you for this beautiful reminders! Have a nice weeks!


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