February's portrait!!

better late than never!
Sonny on the way to school in a Parker against a dry stone wall, very Yorkshire!!

Right, now to plan March's portrait! ... hopefully it will be done in March!!
We've had a very relaxing chilled out weekend, taking it slow, catching up and getting back on track, hope you had a fab one too!:)


  1. Hooray! you're back!
    Love the portrait. Love the pink in his cheeks. Brrrrrrgh!

  2. I love his expression! A bit mischievous!

  3. wow!!! you're so good at this!! love it! xx

  4. A lovely portrait, beautifully captures a spring walk to school with a cheerful flush in the cheeks and a cheeky grin! x

  5. beautiful!
    did you study fine art or illustration? pls reply me here twitter.com/sydsense
    thanks!! xoxo :)



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