winter wish...

Last year we made a little washing line in the kitchen, then pegged paper autumn leave on with wishes for the winter and new year written on them. 
Some came true! Lil got her mobile, we had a great Christmas, and it snowed,
 some didn't come true...

and I never got my snog from Alex Turner, ho hum.

This year we've made paper swallows and started pegging our new wishes on for this winter and new year...

what would you wish for?


  1. what a great idea! it looks so pretty! It's always the same wish for me...happy healthy baby! x

  2. Me? I would wish for a warmer winter not the harsh cold ones of the previous years. A little snow, not too much. We earn a little more. Dan doesn't get the winter blues. We get a log burner installed. I have some new slippers that are the ultimate slipper. And our roof doesn't leak before it's fixed. Love this idea Lisa.. might have to borrow it! ;0) Lou xxx

  3. What a beautiful idea...too funny about the dogs and gerbils... LOVE it!!! My wish is for me, my man and my little man to be happy and healthy; and I would love to get a pet kitty cat :)

  4. Health and happiness for my family and friends, oh and to meet all of U2, sad I know but there you have it! x

  5. prince phones to ask me if I would be a backing dancer for him!! haha never gonna happen I have been waiting for ages!! x

  6. Ah this is just so lovely!
    Jeff Goldblum, Howard from Take That, Eddie Izzard and me going out for a pint (or 2).......well a girl can dream!

  7. Fab, fab, fab idea Lise, and I'm unashamedly admitting that I'm going to copy it! Jason Orange will feature on mine!


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