A challenge!

When I was going for my radiotherapy at Jimmy's in Leeds my Dad picked up a leaflet for the 3 Volcano Trek in Italy, to raise funds for Yorkshire Cancer Centre, based at Jimmy's.

"You should do this" he said.

My initial reaction was to laugh, 
then I thought, yeah, why not? what's stopping me?
I've been looked after by the most wonderful nurses... with halo's and wings, and amazing Doctors with fabulous skills and knowledge to guide me through my cancer journey and now the big treatments finished, what next? 
I want to give something back and carry on fighting and help others who's outcomes aren't as positive as mine. 

I'm only going to trek up 3 volcano's!!
Vesuvius, Stromboli and Mount Etna!
can you believe it!!
eeeee bit giddy!

So today I started my training, Oh yes watch out Etna!
I walked up and down the Holme Valley for two and a half hours, fab! (notice the eyebrows are coming back! yay! come on eyelashes don't let the brows beat you into luscious loveliness!!)

I'm nervous and giddy about the whole thing,
fundraising is new to me, 
I love organising nights out for friends and kids but this is a whole new ball game!

So, I'll map out my creative fundraising on here so you can see how I do,
I'd love any ideas and suggestions you have to help me reach my target, you've all been so ace at supporting me:)
To start with, 
all money made from my Free Spirit screen print will go towards my 3 Volcano's Trek, challenge cancer funds, 
 I plan to do another screen print and a card too, any suggestions of subject matter would be very gratefully received :)
You can get Free Spirit from my Etsy & Folksy shops.

Also I have set up a JustGiving page with more info on and where donations can be made,
 no matter how small all donations are received gratefully:)

Wooo! I've done it! I've taken on the challenge!
let's kick some more cancer bottom!


  1. awesome lisa! what a heck of a challenge but i really fab one to be a part of! i wish you loads of luck with the ol' training :) a great idea to get printing a new design for it too. the image that pops into my head is of a lady {perhaps you!} walking up a hill with walking boots, poles & back pack with a little face popping out the top! hehe! a bit like your piggy-back print i guess :)) han x

  2. lisa, your posts bring tears to my eyes and you never cease to amaze me with your positivity, strength, TALENT, and all round fabulousness you are an amazing inspiration and I will be right there with my hand on your back to help push you to the top!! XXX

  3. Wow what a fantastic challenge!!! Good on you Woo hoo!

    Yay for eyebrows!!! Come on eyelashes!!! :)

  4. You must have been strong to get to this point, I believe that everything will come back and flourish. Also your beautiful hair! I strengthen you and hope, knowing that you will conquer the target.
    good luck :)

  5. Oh my Goodness!!!! That's a major challenge. Have you done the 3 peaks? I've only managed 1 so far. Good for you Lisa, I think that's really brave. When does this take place (next week :)? I hope you go on OK training. I shall try and think of some subject matter for screenprinting. But good on you,what an amazing achievement it will be.

    1. Thanks Julie, it's not until September so I have plenty of time to build my walking skills up! I have done the three peaks... but not all at once! Maybe I should head over there for some more training! Please don't ask me to attempt to screen print roses, you'd be able to see how bad I am at them!:)x

  6. Fantastic Lisa that's quite a goal and I am sure you will achieve it, looking forward to following your progress :-)

  7. This is truly amazing!
    You certainly are kicking it's butt.
    I'll be cheering you all the way.
    Big hug

  8. perfect blog!
    congratulations honey =D

  9. your blog is lovely - I so love your work ! (was alerted to you by Ellie Gomez)
    I'm glad to hear that your radiotherapy is over (I had bc in 2009, fortunately no spread to nodes,so was lucky to just have rads and tamoxifen) I'm also an illustrator - so I feel a connection ! Loads of luck with your walk :-)

  10. Hi Lisa
    Yes! I spotted your eyebrows straight away - how great that they're coming back so quickly ! Yay!
    You are amazing to do this challenge - and what a great way to make money for the charity - fantastic!
    I'm looking forward to hearing more about it :-)
    Sending you a big virtual hug for being so brave to take on this challenge,

    1. Thank you thank you thank you thank you I really appreciate your kind fab words and support xxx

  11. More than delighted to donate and spread the word. Good luck lovely Lisa xx

  12. Well done you-that'll be a great experience and achievement :0) Good luck!!
    I've just posted on my blog about my recent diagnosis...another illustrator starting the journey :0)

    1. Fiona if I can do it you definitely can kick it's bottom with bells on!xxxx sending loadsa positive vibes interweb hugs and support xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Couldn't help but notice the eyebrows coming back, how great is that?!? You're amazing and I'll spread the word. Good luck. xoxo


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