how important are your eyebrows?... the big scheme of things? eh?

My eyebrows are falling out at an alarming rate which I'm not happy about.

I got really cross with them on Saturday and said 
"Look fella's, you've had 5 months to fall out, 5 blooooming month whilst having treatment, but you hung on in there, for grim life, and I'm proud of you for that, I truly am, and very grateful for your co-operation after my prayers to the big eyebrow upstairs, 
but really, 
now all the treatment has finished you've gone all relaxed and floppy and just plain lazy, with "I can't be bothered to stay and work hard at being good brows" kind of attitude and it just won't do. 
Now I'm not asking much, I'm not expecting you to become the Gallagher of eyebrows over night, but come on fella's, you lasted so long don't give up on me now!!?"

But alas,
 like many unruley eyebrows mine have selective hearing and would rather leave the nest and explore the world, and it's so hard for me to say good bye and let go, 
and my eyelashes have decided to do the same, bugger!

Oh well, 
like I said before, looks are not everything and as you know I'm Angelina Jolie within so untill the little baby ones that are now starting to grow get bigger I'm going to go for the above look Sonny suggested to me, play dough, a million and one uses,
what do you think?


  1. very cute....I hope your oh- so- important facial furnishings come back asap :0)x

  2. Oh dear... those naughty eyebrows... how very dare they!!! Hope the new ones are luscious (not too luscious) and stayers :)

  3. Sonny could start a new trend going so cute x
    Hope they don't grow back like the unruly ones ;o)

  4. Loving the play doh! When I was a student I used to colour my eyebrows in....a much so that once, when walking into Marks and Spencer, some random bloke looked at me and said "KILLER eyebrows!"
    Should've tried black play doh! :-)

  5. Laughing at you again Lisa. I'm sure they will grow back quick, fancy taking all that time and hanging in there all the while, only to drop out. Love the photo, sure to cheer anyone up :)

  6. Life likes to throw a little swipe just when it is least expected.

    You could always go all '70's and pencil some in. That'll show them. They might grow back faster in panic they are not needed any more.

    I remember a few women-folk seemed to have permanently surprised expressions when I was a child and it took me a while before I realised why.

  7. Oh lovely Lisa, bloody bugger indeed!
    When mine fell out, someone recommended RapidLash.
    It was a bit pricey (about £30 from Boots). You paint it on your eyelids and where your eyebrows should live and it promotes hair growth. I swear it worked for me, if you're feeling flush and tired of wearing playdoh :-)

  8. Gah, how annoying. Mine disappeared during pregnancy, but so slowly that I didn't really notice. Now when I look at pregnancy photos of me i can't believe nobody thought to mention it. Ah well, call it the Girl With a Pearl Earring / Mona Lisa look - it was cool in those days to be browless!

  9. Yes! You could have a different colour and shape every day if you go down the Sonny route !
    I have absolutely no knowledge to add to this. But I just hope that it's a short time before you have eyebrows again! On the other hand, there are a great many fair haired/pale skinned people with virtually no brows ... mmmm ...
    I hope what you want comes soon !

  10. Sonny, what a creative genius. That lad will definitely go far.

  11. Brilliant. Everything is just so simple in a child's mind isn't it. I think they're cool, but would maybe make a few adjustments to make them just a little smaller and more coiffured!

  12. ahh..try not to fret, they'll grow back x catwalks all over will be copying sonny's amazing play-dough eyebrows! maybe it's the spring/summer'12 trend we should watch out for :D

  13. You are a hoot my friend. I'll share something with you if you promise to not tell a soul. I have no eyebrows or lashes or what I do have are so fine and pale they don't show up. I've found that shadow and pencil do wonders for fooling people and making me feel more normal. You're still lovely even without facial hair. Sonny has a good idea if you feel the shadow and pencil are too mild a solution. :o)


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