Free Spirit

I went screen printing for the first time in 8 months!
I screen printed this free spirit which is what I aspire to be!
All moneys from the sale of this print will go to Yorkshire Cancer Centre, reg. charity no. 1075308,
you can buy Free Spirit at my Etsy shop and my Folksy shop :)


  1. Love the print! It must be a great feeling to get back into screen printing again.. Woo Hoo :)

  2. super print, cute face :) oh i bet you have been itching to get printing & smell the ink hehe x

  3. Beautiful Lisa! Printing 3 colours a once! - GO LISA! ;D x
    I can't begin to imagine how that felt but so pleased you are back in the saddle x

  4. Love it! Glad you're back at it. My little Jodiepie is screen printing at WYPW today :-) xx

  5. It's wonderful to see you're back doing what you do so well. I love this free spirit.

  6. You've certainly not lost any of your touch. Wonderful print Lisa.

  7. Wonderful work Lisa. Good to see you doing the screenprinting, what a treat. Wish I lived nearer! Must get back into it, but it's lovely seeing your work. Well done.

  8. Hi lisa - wonderful to see your prints drying on the racks in the photograph - I really like the form and use of texture on this one - it is always interesting to see how a print makes it onto paper!

  9. Oh Wow !!!!!!!
    How totally Amazing !!!!!
    I would love, LOVE to do that - what a fantastic experience :-)
    Your free spirit print is gorgeous, Lisa,
    Happy, happy days to you,

  10. I love your work, so inspiring! x


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